Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Now this something you don't often see...

I presold these to a large and influential retailer who canceled their entire order because a fair percentage were leaking and/or had damaged capsules. The economy went south right around that time so I was left holding a fair number of these rarities.

from an earlier post:

"I was sceptical about this domaine. I do a lot of Rhones and I asked myself, "do I really need another expensive Cotes du Rhone?" That they had no Village wines was also not exactly a point in their favor (they now have one Village wine - a Plan de Dieu). After tasting the 2004 CDR "Prestige des Garrigues" (a coup de coeur in Hachette), I realized that it made more sense to view this wine as a cheap (and GOOD) Chateauneuf rather than an expensive CDR. Seriously, you could really embarass some people by bringing a Prestige des Garrigues to a brown bag Chateauneuf tasting."

The domaine is located halfway between Chateauneuf and Gigondas on what must be some of the best non-village land available, 2km to the north of Courthezon and 2km to the east of Beaucastel.

OK, what would does one have to pay for large formats of this excellent CDP-alike? Much less than you think, I'm pretty sure. These have all been tasted numerous times and will not disappoint or fail to impress. If you have holiday parties coming up, or are looking for a unique gift, here you go.


1999 Prestige des Garrigues 1.5L
1999 Prestige des Garrigues 3L
2000 Prestige des Garrigues 3L
2001 Prestige des Garrigues 5L

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