Thursday, February 28, 2008


Vinisud was awesome this year - tons of spectacular wineries all looking for distribution and a real look at the class system: Here is Chapoutier's 'booth':

more flash:

and the here's sonebody's bright (and expensive) idea for marketing to the anglo-saxons:
Just thinking of the paycheck somebody received for this effort is beyond galling. Somebody should remind these fools that the only chance they have is to create something authentic, not a contrived travesty such as this. the good news is that just past this atrocity to the left was the group "Vins Femmes Rhône" where wines of a very different sort were offered to the world's buyers.

The good news really is that beyond all the glitz, there are lots of producers making authentic, superb wines and MILLESIME has ordered a number of them - coming soon!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Overblown, overdone!

Just got back from a week and a half in France, spent bludgeoning my palate so that you hopefully won't have to. No, my teeth don't usually look like that! Somebody needs to do a study on this, but I think excessive consumption of over-extracted, excessively tannic wines is probably not that great for the health - really 'too much of a good thing'. When you are tasting 100s of these things every day, there are some strange side effects that are worth noting. The first few do a good job of stripping the protective mucus from the tissues, the subsequent dozens are absorbed all the more. The cocktail of chemical compounds plus the OD of tannins leaves one not drunk, but rather "toxed" and it makes it hard to get to sleep.