Friday, January 27, 2006

More Milestones!

More milestones have been passed by Millesime! 2000 invoices have been written thus far for one, but more importantly, my pending container will be first for me to be paid off BEFORE the wine arrives! This is a double edged sword in that many of the wines are sold out, so lots of you out there won't have a crack at them. On the upside, however, the turnaround time has been drastically reduced - I am already ordering wines for the next French one. Many of those wines are also presold, so there will be a third French container in time for summer, in addition to a Spanish container arriving late Spring. Yes, there will be a number of 2005 rosés as well as more serious wines. I continue my tireless efforts to bring you the best wines for the money in this market. Thanks to your support, Millesime will continue to grow! Thank you all for taking this trip with me.