Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Two Year Anniversary

MILLESIME will be officially 2 years old in January of 2006. I'd like to thank everybody who made it possible! I continue to seek out and represent excellent exclusive wines, untouched by multiple middlemen - just me! Thanks to your support and good wishes, I enter my third year in business bigger and better than ever.

To those who for whatever reason haven't yet done business with MILLESIME - I've made it this far for a few important reasons:

The wines are good
The wines are great values
The wines are unique and not national brands!

I fully understand the reluctance to deal with small distributors when so many go under after only a brief time in business. While there may be 30-40 wine distributors in this market (some obviously more viable than others) there are very, very, few who do only imports, let alone all of those direct from the producers. MILLESIME is no flash in the pan, and I thank you for your support.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

BUG WINES - presold out!

Well almost, there is only one of the 3 still available: the Rasteau Vin Doux Naturel Rouge
For those who missed out on the **** 18/20 2003 RASTEAU "LA PONCE" and the 2003 "SASSIRA" there will be another shipment of these wines sometime in Spring.