Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hautes Cances VV in Pacific

An article by Paul Gregutt on 'Old-Vine' wines appeared in the March 20 edition of Pacific NW Magazine (click on the title to go to the story). The Hautes Cances "VV" Cairanne was one of five reds selected, and it was the only French one, the only grenache, and not least importantly it was the least expensive. The fact that this wine stood out enough to be included in a group including Australian shiraz and zinfandel is a testament to its quality. Millesime is the sole US importer of the Domaine les Hautes Cances.


Rumors. I appreciate some good gossip as much as the next guy, but they really have a way of getting out of control. Take for example the swirling rumors concerning the circumstances of my departure from Riservati in 2003. I quit Riservati for many reasons, but to keep is simple - it was, and remains a toxic environment. It was not an easy decision, as there were a lot of dependency issues at play. I love my Father, and respect his achievements. Hopefully someday he can learn to respect mine. The money to launch Millesime came from a home equity line of credit, and later an SBA loan that I was able to land after only a few months in business based on a strong business plan and stronger numbers. I scraped by for most of 2003 on unemployment before my first sales in January 2004. Everyone should have books as clean and as transparent as Millesime. That I have survived my first 15 months in business and succeeded in spite of attempts at sabotage that can only be described as, er, sour grapes is due to several factors, the most important of which is that I offer interesting, excellent-quality wines at great prices. I compete with lots of companies, not only Riservati, yet the rumors seem to come from only one source... The facts remain, sour grapes are just that, and Millesime has great wine!