Monday, January 01, 2007

What is Millesime?

Millésime means "vintage" in French. It is a 'Micro-Importer' of European wines, founded by Dylan Beal in 2004. Millésime has a strict policy of NO AGENTS, BROKERS. or other MIDDLEMEN. All wines are purchased directly from the producers, thus offering our customers maximum value even with the very weak dollar - truly the art of the wine business. For WA wholesale or out of state pricing and availability, please inquire.

Millésime has just wrapped up its third year in business as a boutique importer and distributor in Seattle. It specializes in value-based wines with recognition abroad that are new to or not widely available in the USA, and the book now has many more heavy hitters than ever before.

The philosophy is simple: find the very best wines for the money in a given category and to pass along the savings. You will not find mass-distribution items at Millésime, but you will find wines that combine the highest levels of character, authenticity and value. Our policy is one of strict avoidance of brokers, agents, or other middlemen. The reasons for this are too numerous to name here. Ours are the only hands the wines pass through, giving you the best possible value for what is today a very weak dollar. Our policy is one of constant improvement of the offering, by constantly seeking out better deals and better wines. In today's fast-paced wine business, resting on laurels is not an option.

Dylan Beal is a second-generation importer who literally grew up with fine wine. Extensive travel and language skills keep him close to the sources. He lived in France for 5 years in the 90s, where he worked for one of the afore-mentioned brokers. He is thus intimately familiar with both the ‘supply’ and the ‘demand’ sides of the wholesale wine business in the USA, with an extremely rare combination of skills and experience. This means that he is often able to source wines BEFORE they receive the scores that ‘matter'...

The mix is about 60% French and 40% Spanish, with wines that retail in Seattle from $7 to $70 to please all palates and pocketbooks.