Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Bruno Prats of Cos d'Estournel and Hubert de Bouard of l'Angélus have entered into a joint venture with Klein Constantia to produce Anwilka, and 2005 is the début. Parker calls it “the finest red wine I have ever had from South Africa....”

2005 Stellenbosch Cabernet Syrah “Anwilka”

42,000 bottles were produced, of which 12,000 were kept for South Africa. Out of the remaining 30,000 bottles for the ENTIRE WORLD, Millesime has secured a significant portion of this historical wine at one of the better prices around - the wine will arrive around the end of November in time for the Alcoholiday Season - reserve some now!

Full Parker 'tease' posted on the Bulletin Board 03/18/06:

"Funny to me commenting on this wine after tasting 225+ rather astonishing 2005 Bordeaux this week,but this is the finest red wine I have ever had from South Africa....a partnership of Bruno Prats,Hubert de Bouard,and the Klein Constantia folks.This debut release, the 2005,a blend of 37% syrah and the balance cabernet sauvignon,is world class one might expect from the people behind it....the first release...there are 42,000 bottles from their vineyards in Stellenbosch,and it is priced to sell for about $40-45 in the USA...release is imminent....exceptional wine...."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Domaine du Coulet - Cornas

Another major 'coup' for MILLESIME is top-drawer Cornas producer, Matthieu Barret of Domaine du Coulet. Last year's 2003 version of Barret's 'entry level' Cornas "Terrases du Serre" made Parker flip: "unquestionably one of the appellation’s “wines of the vintage", 91-94pts.

The "Billes Noires" however is more a La Mouline, a 150 case micro-cuvee that is by definition limited. Yields are 5-8hl/ha, and we thought the 15hl/ha of the Terrasses was impressive! Introduced in the 2004 vintage, "Les Billes Noires", or "Black Marbles" from the Arlettes vineyard is completely destemmed before vinification. Both the Terrasses and the Billes are very impressive, primal, dense and tarry wines that are dripping with terroir. Barret's vineyards are indeed exceptional and have long been coveted by the big names in Cornas. Barret has exploded to the top level of the appellation in just a few years. A certain 'star' broker in New York somehow alienated Monsieur Barret, resulting in Millesime securing a third of the production of Billes Noires, of which I have 180 blles left to sell. There are 180 blles of the "Terrasses" Cuvee as well.

The domaine has always been managed in 'biodynamie' and was recently certified by Ecocert and Biodyvin.